• Cleartone Electric Nickel Plated Strings - Cleartone Strings

    Electric Nickel Plated Strings


    Nickel-plated strings manufactured in-house using 100% US parts & labor. Only the highest quality steel wrapped around a high-carbon hexagonal steel core. Bright, clear tone, better tuning consistency, and increased output and lifespan.

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  • Black guitar with bright red Cleartone String package

    Electric Heavy Series Strings


    The Cleartone Heavy Series builds upon our traditional nickel-plated sets, but are designed for alternative tunings and extended range. They feature a thicker core to handle higher tensions and can withstand the aggression that comes with heavier styles of playing. Try and break a set. We dare you.

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  • Cleartone Strings - Everly Rockers guitar string package

    Electric Rockers


    The flagship string of the Everly collection. Electric Rockers are the throwback's throwbacks. Designed to provide that warm, balanced, old-school sound the Everly Brothers perfected, but without the burden of constantly having to change sets. Phil Everly founded Cleartone, because no other coated strings on the market lived up to his standards and we continue his legacy by ensuring every chord that comes out of our factory hits the same clear tone for which the company was named.

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  • Everly B52s guitar strings package with gauges 10, 13, 17, 26, 36, 46 - Cleartone Strings

    Everly B52's


    Ultra-magnetic electric strings for high-power guitarists. Made from Alloy-52, a unique fusion of iron & nickel, you get a brighter, punchier tone that won't dull, no matter how many gigs you book. These strings are designed to take a beating and still sing crisp and clear the next day. Tarnish-resistant and protected by Cleartone's patented formula, enjoy longer sustain, better volume, and twice the lifespan of any other electric string out there, all without compromising your sound. Our B52's are for serious rockers.

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Visual comparison of Cleartone treated strings looking brand new versus traditional coated strings and uncoated strings, which display signs of wear and tarnish

Who enjoys changing strings?

The trouble with other coated strings is that they dull sound, mute volume, and limit sustain. Resilience is all well-and-good, but if you can't hit those bright, crisp notes when you lace up, then what's the point? That's where Cleartone comes in. Our twice-patented treatment is applied at a mere 0.5 micron thickness, so that you don't have to sacrifice projection for protection.