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Cleartone EQ Hybrid Metal Acoustic Strings

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Experience the superior sound of Cleartone EQs strings, designed to enhance the tonal balance of your instrument.

Crafted to produce even response across all strings and frequencies, these strings offer brilliant clarity, dynamic range, and long-lasting durability. Ideal for musicians who value precision and consistency in their sound.


All Cleartone EQ's are made in house using only 100% US sourced premium alloys.

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Care Instructions

We do not recommend using string cleaners on Cleartone Strings. Simply wipe down strings after use with a clean dry cloth.

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section shot of hundred of coiled phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings

A Revolutionary Advancement In String Technology

Cleartone EQ’s are the world’s first materially tuned Acoustic strings.  Like a stereo EQ, all four of our wound strings are manufactured using a different alloy in order to highlight the string's natural voice.

E:  We selected pure Copper for the low E string due to its increased bass response. 

A & D: The A and D strings are made using the purest Phosphor Bronze for that medium low midrange fullness. 

G: And finally, the G string is 80/20 for some mid range brightness.  A perfect EQ balance. 

There is no other string that will create the fullness of Cleartone EQ’s. Additionally, all six strings come with our twice patented Cleartone treatment for Extra Longevity, Increased Volume, and Longer Sustain.