• Cleartone Strings electric bass guitar strings package in purple

    Cleartone Electric Bass Strings


    Cleartone Bass strings are manufactured using only the finest, US sourced nickel plated steel wrapped around a high carbon hexagonal core. Cleartone’s patented treatment will keep your strings sounding fresh for 3-5 times longer while also increasing both your volume and sustain up to 36% & 48% respectively. Let’s face it , changing strings sucks, but your tone shouldn’t.

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  • Cleartone Strings electric bass guitar strings packaging for the Everly Superbass product

    Everly Superbass


    Looking for a quality set of bass strings that wont break the bank? Everly Superbass nickel plated steel electric bass strings are made in the USA using the finest American sourced materials and micro-treated with the Cleartone formula for maximum tone and longevity.

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Visual comparison of Cleartone treated strings looking brand new versus traditional coated strings and uncoated strings, which display signs of wear and tarnish

Who enjoys changing strings?

The trouble with other coated strings is that they dull sound, mute volume, and limit sustain. Resilience is all well-and-good, but if you can't hit those bright, crisp notes when you lace up, then what's the point? That's where Cleartone comes in. Our twice-patented treatment is applied at a mere 0.5 micron thickness, so that you don't have to sacrifice projection for protection.

See the Cleartone difference for yourself: