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Glow in the Dark Star Picks

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Add an exciting twist to your performance with Glow in the Dark Celluloid Star Picks from Everly.

Crafted from high-quality celluloid, these picks offer a smooth, traditional feel with a radiant glow-in-the-dark feature. They provide precise control, excellent grip, and dynamic sound. Perfect for low light performances, these picks will not only help your music but your showmanship shine brighter


All Star Picks are made from high quality delrin material.

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Care Instructions

We do not recommend using string cleaners on Cleartone Strings. Simply wipe down strings after use with a clean dry cloth.

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    All orders enjoy free standard shipping to anywhere in the U.S. No minimums. No exceptions.

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Cleartone Strings guitar picks scattered across a symbol

The Original Everly Star Pick

Have you ever owned a guitar pick long enough to actually wear it out? You will now!

We took a standard 351 shape guitar pick, cut out a star shape in the middle, and have been changing the lives of guitar players one pick at a time ever since. Star Picks are available in all the most popular gauges, from paper thin to hard as nails. And since there are no major modifications to the standard shape, the picks feel as familiar as the old standby without the risk of slipping from your grip.

Never drop your picks again. It’s just plain embarrassing.