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Cleartone Acoustic 80/20 Strings

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Acoustic strings crafted with a blend of 80% copper & 20% zinc enhances treble and gives your guitar a brighter, clearer tone. Paired with Cleartone's patented EMP treatment, our 80/20 strings will not only outlast any string you've ever had, but also increase your guitar’s volume and sustain by as much as 36% & 48% respectively. Tested under labratory conditions. Satisfaction guaranteed. What are you waiting for?


All Cleartone 80/20 Acoustic strings are manufactured using the finest materials available. We source our high carbon steel from New York, our premium 80/20 wrap wire from Kentucky.

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Care Instructions

We do not recommend using string cleaners on Cleartone Strings. Simply wipe down strings after use with a clean dry cloth.

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    All orders enjoy free standard shipping to anywhere in the U.S. No minimums. No exceptions.

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    All Cleartone Strings come with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the set you received send proof of purchase to for your free replacement set.

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Cleartone Treated Acoustic 80/20

All Cleartone Acoustic 80/20 Strings are MADE IN USA at our Bountiful Utah factory using only the finest US-sourced wrapped wire around a high-carbon hex core.

We wind our strings under super high tensions using proprietary winding methods and core-to-wrap ratios which creates a denser, better sounding string with enhanced tuning stability.

Lastly, we add our multi-patented award winning treatment which is scientifically proven to increase your guitar's volume and sustain by up to 36% & 48% respectively.