Do you enjoy changing Strings? We didnt think so...

Nothing beats the sound and feel of a brand new fresh set of strings. Traditional strings sound great right out of the pack but their tone begins to fade in as little as a few hours. Coated strings last a long time but they tend to provide poor tone and feel.

Cleartone String's patented treatment is the answer to this decades old dilemma. Applied to all 6 strings our treatment will never flake or fray no matter how hard you strum. Your strings will last longer, so you can keep playing, and as an added benefit it has been scientifically proven in increase your guitars volume and sustain up to 36% and 48% respectively.

Whats New at Cleartone

Artist Signature Sets

Artist Signature Sets

Signature sets of your favorite Cleartone artists 

The Cleartone Difference


Everclear is hitting the road starting March 19 and in partnership we will be giving away a bundle of autographed goodies on March 17th...

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