Everly Music and Cleartone were the brain child of Mr. Phil Everly.  He is best known as one half of the legendary Everly Brothers.  The brothers are credited with helping to invent Rock N Roll along with Elvis, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and several others.  

When Phil wasn't on tour or recording he had always been a part time inventor and tinkerer.  And as far as he was concerned, people were still playing the same kind of old technology strings musicians had been playing since the early 1960's.  It was high time for something better.  Much better.


He and his son Jason (the current President of Everly Music) ripped apart every brand of strings that existed at that point.  Comparing wire qualities, core to wrap ratios, winding techniques, and every other facet of music string creation. 

Phil said everything had to be changed and the only way to do what needs to be done is for us to redesign the winding machines so he could create the changes he wanted from scratch.  And that is what happened.  That is why playing strings manufactured by Everly Music Company are different from anything else.  We have custom core to wrap ratios, we pioneered the super high tension winding technique (this maximizes string density during the winding process to improve resonance and tone), we purchase wire only from the most premium USA made wire manufacturers.  All of these ingredients are made on our state of the art winding machines designed and built by us.

But this is not where the story ends.



Phil's son, Jason, thought he could take Everly strings even further into premium string range.  To a place no one had gone before.  This is where Cleartone comes in.  Everly Music had wanted to make a coated string.  But every coating method that existed simply took all of the hard work and advancement of our premium manufacturing methods and enhanced sound, and threw it out the window.  Every coating method dulled the sound, and took away the liveliness of the company's amazing strings (and every other manufacturers).  It was three steps backward for one step forward. 

After thousands of trial and errors, the secret code was cracked. 

A coating that was less than 1 micron. 

So thin, we couldn't even call it a coating anymore. 

We called it a "treatment".  Unless the strings are tagged at the factory, even employees can't tell if they have been treated.  It gave long life (up to 3-5 times longer than regular untreated strings).  

But what about all the hard work and genuine amazing premium

sound of Everly strings? 

Was it still there? 

There must be a trade off. 

That was the best part.  The strings got louder.  Yes, louder, than when they were untreated.  An independent lab verified it and the US government granted us 2 patents for it.  Patent # 7531730 and # 9502008.  The first one essentially says our treatment makes our strings louder than they were when they were untreated.  The second one says our treatment increases the sustain beyond untreated strings. 

Other companies claim all sorts of anecdotal - in house testing says our strings are blah blah blah, but that is a subjective opinion only.  In layman terms, BS.  

We were so pleased with the results we created a new brand to showcase it.  Cleartone.  A brand known all over the world.  We invented treated strings.  We want guitars to sound better than they did before.  Not dull for longer.


Phil isn't with us anymore unfortunately, but his spirit is with all of us at Everly Music and Cleartone. 

We are the only manufacturer of strings, designed from the machines to our patented treatment, by someone who actually helped create rock 'n roll.


And as Phil would say, "It's the only business that I know, where you can change the world in 3 minutes...now go play".

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