Inspire Your Creativity with NEW Neon, Black, White & Pink Star Picks!
12 Sep. 2014

Inspire Your Creativity with NEW Neon, Black, White & Pink Star Picks!

First and Foremost, we have 2 exciting Star Picks announcements!

Available in .73 mm, we now offer Star Picks in neon, white, black and pink

73mm-Black-STAR-PICK (2)

73mm-Pink-STAR-PICK73mm-White-STAR-PICK73mm-Neon-Yellow-STAR-PICK (1)

Star Pinks Logo

Additionally, we now print our Star Picks with custom designs and lettering for your shop!

Heralded the perfect guitar pick with the no-slip™ grip, Everly Star Picks continues to innovate and stay ahead of the game. With 4 new colors and custom lettering, we have the perfect pick for your unique sense of style and comfort. Each Star Pick is made 100% from scratch here in North Hollywood, California along with our world-renowned Cleartone Treated Guitar Strings. Star Picks were designed and inspired entirely by legendary Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer, Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers! Star Picks are a testament to how inspiration can truly strike out of nowhere, and believe it or not, a guitar pick can really make all of the difference.

The Everly Brothers Sing a Duet

Phil Everly preferred to play a pick that had a hole cut in the center because it virtually eliminated the common guitarist’s dilemma of dropping picks. As we know, this is one of the worst things that can happen to a performer on stage. The only drawback to using these guitar picks for Phil was that they would turn in his fingers toward his strings while he played. As he was thinking of ways to increase the grip on his picks, inspiration struck as he noticed he could use the star shape from the inlays on his Gibson Everly model guitar to the cutout in the pick. Adding more edges created more grip and he got to use the star point design which he endeared. Soon after, as his idea started gaining popularity, he made a prototype out of a milk carton to send to the patent office and at this point, Star Picks got their start.

Everly Star Pick from the 1990s

Over the years, Phil continued to think of ways to increase grip even further, as Star Picks adopted the use of delrin material, along with a proprietary tumbling process to give the picks a gritty texture. After many years of refinement, Everly Star Picks as we know them to be today are the result!

Speaking of inspiration, we realize that everyone has a unique sense of style and expression and when it all comes down to it, the finer details matter the most. Guitarists and songwriters of all sorts can relate to a time in their lives when they spent a great deal of time deciding on what color of guitar, guitar strap, and other accessories would best suit their unique art and style. Being that your guitar pick is the conduit between your hand and your strings and on a grand scale, from your thoughts to your music, it matters. Using a new pick can change the way you play guitar, and even affect the overall timbre or sound, which can further inspire new song ideas.

Continuing this fine tradition of innovation at Everly Music Company, 4 new colors of Star Picks were created to further inspire musicians worldwide in their creative endeavours. Whether you have a preference for different colors or different gauges, we have the perfect guitar pick for you. Additionally, the custom picks we make for Dealers and Artists is just icing on the cake. For custom picks, call 818.503.2700 and ask for Sales. We aim to make the perfect pick with the no-slip grip just for you.

Reach for the stars and try a new Star Pick: The most inspiring guitar picks in the world!

Available in all major music stores nationwide in 6 different gauges

photo 3 (1)

Star Pick Blister Packs. 50mm red, .60mm orange, .73mm yellow, .88mm green, 1.0mm blue, 1.14mm purple

There are many ways you can use Star Picks

Voila! Keychain picks! Never be without a pick, no matter where you are.


You can make a necklace with them. What a perfect gift for your special someone!

The possibilities are endless.

For custom designs, email, or call 818.503.2700

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