Top 5 Reasons People Switch From Uncoated Strings to Cleartone
16 Nov. 2015

Top 5 Reasons People Switch From Uncoated Strings to Cleartone

Tired of nasty flakes on your strings? What about dull tone? Well Cleartone Strings has the answer for you. Our strings are proven to last up to 5 times longer than uncoated strings, and project up to 36% louder than coated strings. Why? Years of research and development led us to develop our 1 micron thin coating we now apply to every set. Imagine all of the benefits of coated strings, without any of their drawbacks! It’s the latest in guitar string technology. If that’s not reason enough to try Cleartone Strings, check out the top 5 reasons listed below:


John Belushi probably hates changing strings

1. People hate changing strings.

Having new strings on your guitar is great. Changing strings, not so much. This is why you notice so many people with just horribly corroded strings on their guitars. With most strings, the longer you wait, the duller your tone gets and the quicker your guitar goes out of tune. Also, your strings lose integrity over time, so they’ll be more prone to breakage, and incredible embarrassment on stage. Cleartone Strings are designed to last up to 5x longer than your average strings so you won’t have to worry about ANY of that for a much, much longer time.

2. Popular guitar brands use them on their brand new guitars.

Gibson, Godin, Eastman, Seagull, Silvertone and many other popular brands of guitars you all know and love string their guitars with Cleartone Strings before they leave the factory and enter the guitar shops. They trust our strings with giving people the ultimate first impression when buying their new guitars from the factory, so why not you?

3. Louder than both coated and uncoated strings.

Cleartone Strings were independently tested at an acoustic sound laboratory and results proved they were 36% louder on average than the leading brand of coated strings, and over 10% louder than uncoated strings.

4. Rock solid tuning stability

Staying in tune is cool

We us our Super High Tension Winding technique on every set of Cleartone Strings to ensure your new strings stay locked in tune after stretching them out. Cleartone Strings’ core-to-wrap winding ratio rates among the highest in the industry, because we know tighter wraps=increased tuning stability and solid stage reliability.

5. Many famous artists use them

Artists such as Tom Petty, Dave Mustaine, Tommy Emmanuel, Dink Cook (Toby Keith) and tons of other world class names use them on tour because of how reliable they are on stage, and how long they last.

Forget changing strings. Switch to Cleartone and immediately experience the difference!

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