Rob Scallon: Master of Metal on Instruments That Aren’t Metal
14 Jun. 2014

Rob Scallon: Master of Metal on Instruments That Aren’t Metal

So who knew Rob Scallon, the man daring enough to cover Slayer’s “Raining Blood” on a banjo, is also a Cleartone Treated Strings endorsed artist? Indeed he is and we could not be happier. In just three weeks, his cover has gone absolutely viral as he has already amassed more than 2 million views on YouTube and added more than 26,000 subscribers. Recent feedback has suggested for him to upload more covers of Metal songs on instruments that, well, aren’t metal, and he responded favorably with yet another highly successful video of him covering Slayer’s “War Ensemble,” solos and all, on a ukulele. It seems our virtuosic multi-instrumentalist Rob Scallon has indeed found a niche for himself. The video above is of Rob Scallon’s twangy version of “Raining Blood.”

Scallon remembers playing “Raining Blood” on banjo as a joke for friends about 10 years ago and starting really playing the banjo in earnest about 4 years later. Albeit unconventionally, metal appears to be his forte as he rakes in millions of views on his cover songs, but the video that broke him into YouTube stardom was actually a different, but impressive display of “creativity-meets-virtuosity.” In this landmark video, he seamlessly plays 30 songs in one minute, basically turning the compilation into a tasteful song unto its own. He also has many impressive videos of him performing tastefully unconventional songs on an 8 string guitar that are gaining much more traction daily. He is proof that great talent and creativity do not go unnoticed, and although it all starts with YouTube views, other attention is usually sure to follow.

Rob Scallon Kala Endorsement

Rob Scallon has garnered attention from news outlets and music companies across the globe who are eager to see just what he plans on doing for his next video. Pictured above is Rob Scallon with his new U-Bass & ukulele, courtesy of his newfound Kala Brand Music endorsement. Kala endorsed Scallon after noticing he was playing one of their soprano ukuleles in his viral video. He told Ukulele Magazine, “Kala contacted me after the video started really gaining traction to set up an artist relationship. I’ll be proudly sporting more of their instruments soon.” He also has a working relationship with Guitar-Pro tablature software, and is now signed by DFTBA Records, a YouTube-popular record label owned by vlogbrother Hank Green.

In just 4 days, he kicks off his US tour with Driftless Pony Club at Plush in St. Louis, Missouri, and while he says not to expect to hear Slayer covers at his concerts, one can be sure to expect innovation and precision as he rocks Cleartone’s Treated Strings on his guitars. Click here for tickets and to find additional tour dates near you.



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