Rave Reviews for Cleartone Strings!
06 Oct. 2014

Rave Reviews for Cleartone Strings!

At Cleartone Strings, we’ve put tireless hours into research and development to make the world’s finest treated guitar strings, and many are taking notice.

9410 Cover MedReviews have been stellar across the board, as people quote numerous positive experiences with Cleartone Strings, ranging from reasons such as string life, durability, timbre/tone, feel and more. Due to this, many of the biggest trusted names in guitar manufacturing have chosen Cleartone as their OEM string on all of their new guitars. Gibson has been stringing all 0f their 2014 electric guitars with Cleartone Strings, as well as ESP/LTD, Silvertone and many other well known brands. Even Martin sends out all of their fine acoustic guitars with strings treated with Cleartone’s treatment as well!

People have taken to the internet to let the world know why they personally love Cleartone Strings.

Musician’s Friend posted a great review article about us:

“…my buddy at Musician’s Friend asked me if I wanted to review Cleartone Strings. I’m so glad I accepted—these are the best strings I’ve ever tried.”

Guitar Center’s website lists Cleartone Electric Strings at ALL 5-Star reviews!

7412-Cover-Med“…I used to only play DR strings which are great and there are plenty of good strings out there but Cleartone Strings are by far the best I’ve ever played.”

Musician’s Friend customers love our electric 11-48 gauge set:

For a while I was breaking strings all the time and it got expensive fast. I switched to these and had great luck.

Electric 10s get great reviews from Amazon customers as well:

Great tone and great bright sound – I have been playing for 25 years and still take lessons even to this day

It’s one thing for people to tell you what they like about Cleartone, so we invite you to try them for 6445_Coveryourself. What stands out about Cleartone Treated Strings to you?

Contrary to popular belief, guitar players at one time or another have probably heard others say, “all strings are the same.” We know this simply isn’t true, and we’re on a mission to let the world know that they can get better tone and string life with premium guitar strings. You may also hear, “I just buy the cheapest strings.” Why? If you spend all kinds of money on a nice guitar, wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to really bring out the best in your guitar’s tone?

Cleartone Strings sound great and, if you don’t like having to change your strings after every gig, give them a shot. Our treatment is applied to make sure they outlast any uncoated set on the market! Many have tried coated strings looking for longer string life, and found that they don’t like them because they flake, and have a noticeably duller tone. Well, Cleartones are made 9560-Coverjust for you! We apply a 1 micron thin treatment on each set that we guarantee will not flake off, and we ensure that you’ll still get that bright, uninhibited tone enjoyed by those who play traditional uncoated strings.

Many have taken to the internet to tell the world of the many different reasons they were impressed and with that, we invite you to do the same.

Below, Phil X, the man touring as Bon Jovi’s guitarist, talks about his first impression of Cleartone Strings.



Also see below: Others have taken to YouTube to talk about their impression with Cleartone Strings.




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