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Let's face it, no one likes changing strings.

Forget Changing Strings

Strings can go dead just sitting under your bed or in a case.
Sweat, gunk, your body’s pH can start corroding guitar strings the second you touch them.

Untreated String

corroded guitar string

Cleartone Treated

clean guitarstring

Cleartone’s revolutionary micron thin treatment process ensures you up to 5 times longer string life,* and 36% louder volume compared to your average coated strings.

Cleartone Strings are Louder with VolumeBoost

We manufacture our strings right here in the USA

Super High Tension Winding

We don’t just treat guitar strings for longer life, we make strings too. Not just any guitar string, but the very finest quality strings possible. Using only the finest materials, we apply our trademark Super-High Tension winding technique to every set, maximizing the energy transfer throughout the entire length of the string. Then, we carefully apply our Cleartone treatment to give you long life, with no compromises. The result: Bright, consistent tone with incredible lifespan.

Cleartone Strings last so long, that guitar manufacturers around the world now ship their guitars with Cleartone from the factory to preserve the freshness, feel and tone.

New Politics uses Cleartone Strings

You can buy cheaper brands but if you have to change them once, then a set of Cleartone Strings has already paid for itself. Cleartone isn’t just a better string, it’s also a better value. Try a set today and see what all the hype is about.

Cleartone Acoustic Strings

We stand by our quality 100%. If you ever experience a problem with Cleartone Strings, we will replace any defective, purchased set. Just send us an email with a copy of your receipt, your address and string gauge. We will take care of the rest. That’s just one more way that Cleartone Strings are built to last.