New Artist Spotlight: Photocomfort Ignites with Debut, “Not Love”
17 Aug. 2015

New Artist Spotlight: Photocomfort Ignites with Debut, “Not Love”

Photocomfort’s Justine Bowe on vox/synth

“It’s not love,” but you’re sure to love them. World. Meet Photocomfort! After internationally acclaimed synth pop group Magic Man announced their return to their original two-man lineup in July 2015, remaining members joined together and started Photocomfort. Their bold debut track “Not Love” blends powerful waves of heartache, over a sea of glitch pop & guitar. The result is an emotionally explosive, yet tastefully reserved hi-fi listening treat. Turn your speakers way up and press play below to experience…Photocomfort!

“Not Love” has already caught the attention of Indie Shuffle, The Guardian, and many others but you can say you heard it here first. The trio is currently working on their upcoming debut LP slated for release sometime next year.

 As a newly emerging art-pop powerhouse, they’ll be making big moves real quick, real soon, so be sure to keep up by following them on Photocomfort’s official Facebook, Instagram and Twitters.
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Below you can find Photocomfort’s chilling cover of “Between the Bars” live, seen below:

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