Phosphor Bronze vs. 80/20 Guitar String Comparison
01 Oct. 2014

Phosphor Bronze vs. 80/20 Guitar String Comparison

In this video we demonstrate the audio differences between Cleartone Phosphor Bronze and Cleartone 80/20 Bronze acoustic guitar strings.  One thing to keep in mind when choosing whether to play phosphor bronze or 80/20 bronze strings is your personal preferences and your guitar body size.  Naturally, strings will sound unique to your guitar so the best way to hear what fits your style and sound that you’re looking for is to try them both for yourself.

Most people would say that phosphor bronze are more full and deep, which I too believe, but the size of your guitar body and the voice you’re looking for will really determine whether you like phosphor bronze or 80/20 formulations.  For instance, in my personal opinion, we have found that phosphor bronze strings on large guitar bodies like jumbo or grand orchestra’s that naturally extenuate lower frequencies and fuller tones seem almost too full or too deep sounding.  One might choose 80/20’s on large guitar bodies over phosphor bronze due to the amount of low frequencies projected from the guitar.  Again, it all comes down to your personal preference and the sound you’re looking for.

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