Cleartone Artist “Phil X” Shreds His Way to the Top with Bon Jovi & others
19 Sep. 2014

Cleartone Artist “Phil X” Shreds His Way to the Top with Bon Jovi & others

Bon Jovi & Phil X Live on Tour

What names come to mind when you think Phil X? Rob Zombie? Tommy Lee? Alice Cooper? All three, among a myriad of other world renowned artists have asked Phil X at one time or another to record guitar tracks for their albums.  As a top-tier session guitarist with his own amazing band, Phil X & the Drills, he is right there among the best of them. Just recently, he toured the world as the guitarist in Bon Jovi, recorded all guitar work for Daughtry’s self-titled album, which debuted at number 2 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200, and as a multi-talented musician in many genres, even recorded guitar for both Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert’s studio albums! We proudly endorse him as a Cleartone Treated Strings artist, and as with all musicians, he had to get his start somewhere. Once he did, he never looked back.

Phil X Recorded all Guitar Tracks for the Alice Cooper album “Brutal Planet”

Remember Tommy Lee’s project Methods of Mayhem? This is where Phil X really got “noticed,” so to speak. The story begins as Phil was hired to paint Scott Humpfrey’s garage. Scott already knew Phil as a great guitar player as well as a great painter, so when Tommy Lee told Scott, “We need a sick guitar player on this.” Scott replied, “Let’s get Phil!” Long story short, Tommy agreed and soon after, Phil found himself recording guitars for all of the tracks on Method of Mayhem’s 1999 self-titled release. The album went on to becoming certified platinum, and included other well-known artists including George Clinton, Kid Rock, Lil’ Kim, The Crystal Method, Snoop Dogg, Fred Durst and Mix Master Mike.  Just one year later, Alice Cooper’s producer called up Phil X, and asked him to record two songs for his album, Brutal Planet. Two songs turned into nine, and before he knew it, Alice Cooper’s producer had him recording all of the guitar tracks on that album. At this point, the work kept on rolling on in for Phil X as he was asked soon after by Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell to record the guitar tracks for his solo single, Long Gone. He worked with Tommy Lee on one of his newer albums Tommyland and also so many others with so many famous artists continually throughout this time and through today. Let’s just say he never really has to worry about work!

Pre-Order NEW Phil X & The Drills CD

As with many famous musicians, luck is certainly involved to a degree, but Phil X had to grind his way up the ranks to reach where he is currently at; it certainly was not given to him. Many years prior to this, Phil X started his own band in 1982 called Sidinex, which is Phil’s last name spelled backwards. They recorded an EP in 1985 called Forever Young and changed their band name to Flip City, before disbanding in 1987. Phil X started gaining notoriety throughout his stint in the band and was then noticed by the likes of Randy Coven, with whom he met through Aldo Nova, who has a double-platinum self-titled album of their own. From there, he went on tour with them, before joining another band called Triumph, where he toured with them from 1992 – 1993, and recorded the album Edge of Excess

You can check out his website to see his full discography, tour dates and view his online store, where you can pre-order his new Phil X & The Drills album, titled We Play Instruments & Sh!t. 

Check out the videos below, the first one is Phil X performing Bed of Roses with Bon Jovi. The second video features Phil X reviewing a 1962 Fender Jazzmaster in his YouTube guitar review series for Fretted Americana.

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