New Cleartone Box Design Hits the Shelf
21 Aug. 2012

New Cleartone Box Design Hits the Shelf

As time goes on like everything else you want to give things a new look and feel.  Our guitar strings pouches are no different; we wanted to redesign our packaging and bring it up to date as well as make it obvious to the consumer what they are buying at a glance.  So we’ve opted to put our strongest bullet points near the bottom of the box.  The most noticeable addition to our new box design is the large number on the front.  This represents the gauge of strings you play.  Our designer is a drummer but he noticed that whenever guitar players talk about their gauge size they always say one number…12’s or 10’s and so on.  He thought it would be a great way for you to identify your preferred gauge size from behind the counter so you don’t have to sit there and squint at all the different boxes.

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