NAMM 2015: The Cleartone Experience
31 Jan. 2015

NAMM 2015: The Cleartone Experience

Above: Dan Spitz of Anthrax and singer Michaela perform some blues licks at the Cleartone Booth.

After months of preparing for the worlds largest music product convention, we looked back at our pallets, stacked to the brim with displays, products, catalogs, and all sorts of extras with a true sense of pride. We could not have been more ready to showcase to the NAMM world what makes Cleartone Treated Strings the best in the world. After setting up the booth, we waited for the oncoming storm of badge-equipped attendees to arrive. I look up at the clock as it strikes 10 a.m. and stop as I hear a ping echo throughout the halls of The Anaheim Convention Center, “The NAMM show is now open to the public.” We were as ready as we’ve ever been and had it all figured out down to the last detail, but even then, no amount of foresight could have remotely prepared us for what we were about to experience. Pure. Madness.

Wena Velasco performs epic bass riffs to onlookers. 11 a.m. and already a huge crowd! NAMM was open for not even an hour yet!

Buyers, sellers, distributors, artists, shop owners and those who are friends of friends who happen to know a guy who used to work at a music shop showed up 20 at a time throughout the 4 day event. Thursday kicked off with Wena Velasco opening up our series of live performances with an awesome display of virtuosity, tapping on bass to Unicorn Death songs and video game backing tracks including Megaman. Following shortly thereafter, Kapali Long brought the aloha vibes to the booth, serenading the ever-increasing crowd by the 10s and 20s. By noon, the booth was pure mayhem, in the best possible way. People left and right expressed their thoughts on treated strings as we were given the opportunity to educate the massive musical crowd at NAMM on what we do. Many walked away with new found knowledge on treated Cleartone strings and how we came to achieve the longest lasting, most brilliant guitar string ever made.


Phil X of Bon Jovi singing autographs at the Cleartone booth

If that wasn’t enough, even further fueling the tidal wave of people, we hosted artist signings by legends. You may know bands such as Megadeth, Bon Jovi, Anthrax, Atreyu. Yep. Even before they showed up, ’80s icon Corey Feldman aka “Mouth” from The Goonies appeared at our booth on Thursday with 2 beautiful angels by his side to grace the Cleartone booth, Metal Legend Dave Mustaine did a 1 hour signing on Friday, and 3 famous artists did a signing all at the same time on Saturday. Needless to say, our booth from the inside looking out, was clearly the biggest attraction around Hall C.

Cleartone & Every Music Company debuted 2 exciting new products at NAMM 2015:

1) Grand Light Acoustic Strings

We have an all-new acoustic string: Cleartone Grand Lights. Designed inclusively for jumbo acoustic guitars, Cleartone Treated Phosphor Bronze Grand Light strings will bring out the best in your jumbo acoustic guitar. Designed to emphasize increased brightness, Cleartone Grand Lights will beautifully balance out the naturally boomy sound jumbo guitars are famous for, to project a nice even tone, perfect for any style of music.

2) Custom Picks

As you know, we’ve been making the ever-successful Star Picks for quite a while, and now, you can have whatever you want printed on picks! Advertise your shop, band, or whatever you want. They’re printed on Star Picks and you can choose whether or not you want us to do the star holepunch through the center.

There are many things to be excited about here that we let the world know about:

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth gave us the death scowl! Saturday, he signed autographs to hundreds of lucky fans at the Cleartone booth.

Godin, the largest guitar manufacturer in all of North America, uses our treated phosphor bronze 12-53 light set on all of their new acoustic guitars. Gibson USA uses our hybrid 9-46 treated electric nickel plated steel set on all of their new electric guitars. Sam Ash uses our 9-42 Super Light electric, 10-46 Light electric, and 12-53 phosphor bronze acoustic for ALL of their guitars hung up on the walls across America. An incredible amount of people trust Cleartone Treated Strings because they last 3-5x longer than your traditional electric guitar set, and you won’t even be able to tell they’re treated with anything. They have a brilliant, shiny look that will make any guitar look incredible, old or new. The treatment also will not come off, no matter how hard you pick, so no worrying about flakes or any loss of sound fidelity.

Dave Mustaine trusts them as he used them all throughout his album, Super Collider, and used them throughout the last Gigantour without them breaking even ONE TIME! Josh Rand from Stone Sour has used them on tour for years and also has never broken a string. So many artists, so many guitar brands…Where will Cleartone Treated Strings end up next? Hopefully on your guitar.

The NAMM show was a wild success, and we have all of you to thank, so THANK YOU!! See you next year!

Check out all the pictures and videos below!


Dan Spitz of Anthrax & Michaela live at the booth

Savannah Lynn Live

Ryan Bruce “Fluff” Live

Phil X


Matt from Cage 9


Cage 9


Cage 9


Wena Velasco


Wena VelascoWena-Velasco_Performance1

Sir Madam!Sir-Madam2

Rocky KramerRocky-Kramer1

Ronny NorthRonny-North1

Ronny North

Ronny NorthRonny-North_Performance1

Phil XPhil-X2

Phil XPhil-X_Autograph1

One Hundred Proof

Omar DominickOmar-Dominick3

Omar DominickOmar-Dominick2

Jeff Campbell Jeff-Campbell1

Jeff Campbell Jeff-Campbell_Performance3

Jeff Campbell Jeff-Campbell_Performance2

Jeff CampbellJeff-Campbell_Performance1

Dave MustaineDave-Mastaine_Autograph4

Dave MustaineDave-Mastaine_Autograph1

Dan JacobsDan-Jacobs3

Dan JacobsDan-Jacobs2

Dan JacobsDan-Jacobs1

Dan Spitz

Dan SpitzDan-Spitz_Performance1

Dan SpitzDan-Spitz_Autograph2

Dan Spitz & Michaela

Bill HudsonBill-Hudson3

Bill HudsonBill-Hudson2

Bill HudsonBill-Hudson_Wide1

Bill HudsonBill-Hudson_PerformanceWide1

Bill Hudson


Bill Hudson

Benjamin LechugaBenjaminLechuga

Benjamin LechugaBenjaminLechuga_Performance2

Benjamin Lechuga


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