Cleartone Artist Jared Dines Takes on Metal Sub-Genres and Breaks the Internet
27 May. 2015

Cleartone Artist Jared Dines Takes on Metal Sub-Genres and Breaks the Internet

Above is Jared soup-ladeling his guitar in his “Djent 2015” video. When Cleartone artist Jared Dines isn’t crushing skulls as metal vocalist for the band Dissimulator, he’s making YouTube videos! Click here to check out his videos and of course, subscribe. Currently sitting at 216,056 subscribers and counting, Jared Dines drums, screams and shreds through relentlessly innovative approaches to metal to millions of YouTube viewers, and he’s well beyond breaking genre boundaries. In fact, he went as far as to team up with Cleartone’s Rob Scallon make a video of a metal song with less than 1 note... Yea… He’s out to bring heavy metallers to their knees, begging for mercy.

YouTube handle Th3ycharg3 a.k.a Jared Dines I’m sure has received many questions about his motives behind these insane videos, thus, his latest videos feature a new series called “Ask Jared.” Episode 1, titled, “Snapbacks, Travis Ryan, and Metal Soundtracks” addresses various topics like whether he’s still recording bands, tips on YouTube success for beginners, something about elephants, and his online run-in with the band Cattle Decapitation. Jared’s “10 Styles of Metal” video was posted on their page and it resulted in a pretty interesting reaction. Being that this video has over 2 million views, someone was bound to say something I suppose. In general, it seems there is not a metal sub-genre out there that will surprise Jared. As soon as you’ve heard of a new one, chances are Jared has already made a video about it!

For all of you just getting into guitar, he offers up the kind gesture of showing you “10 Ways to Hold a Guitar (for beginners).” It’s absolutely ESSENTIAL knowledge if you want to look cool on stage, especially with the move “attacked by bees.” Of course, once you get really established in “the scene,” you’re going to need the advanced lesson, shown below:

Now you’re all set. You might need to learn to play some guitar too, but don’t worry, Jared’s got you covered, well, if you have 13 guitars that is. The below video was shot with fellow Cleartone artist Ryan Bruce a.k.a Fluff’s studio. He of course hosts a massive YouTube channel as well, full of gear reviews, contests and other guitar related awesomeness. Click here to check them out and subscribe!

Djent vs. Shred? Watch below and vote on the winner here while you’re at it!

He even genre-swapped some of your parent’s favorite classic songs, like “Free Fallin'”

Of course, YouTube comments are the worst of the worst. It takes thick skin to be a YouTube star. Keyboard warriors, Jared Dines takes you on below:

Tired of your girlfriend controlling the radio in your car? Make her a new playlist with these songs, as Jared shows what it’s like when “Pop Goes Djent” below:

Jared Dines has one of the most eclectic guitar-centric YouTube Channels out there, with hundreds of videos to make sure you’re never bored at work! Do yourself a favor and stay far far away. Just kidding Jared, we love you. Keep doing what you do.

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