You Gotta See This! How David Browne Played Guitar for 372 Hours Straight
20 Oct. 2015

You Gotta See This! How David Browne Played Guitar for 372 Hours Straight

Browne broke 2 Guinness Records in 3 years. In 2011, Dave Browne from Dublin, Ireland played guitar for 114 hours straight in a Guinness World Record shattering event, and just last year, he broke another record playing guitar (in gig format) for 372 hours with his group The Black Donnellys! The longest gig ever to be recorded in history. How did he do it? Besides the fact he trusted Cleartone Strings to break both records, he had to keep his eyes wide open to trick his brain into staying awake for that long! Browne said he had gone through a ten-week training program as well to ready himself for the world record bid, losing over 30 lbs in weight and making some lifestyle changes.

“I gave up drinking,” Browne said. “That is really hard to do when you are where I’m from.”

It’s not like he was playing lightly either. He literally shreds for the majority of the time.

To break the 2011 individual record, he played 1372 different pieces of music over the course of about 12 per hour for both times,  That’s a lot of music to remember, let alone play for such an incredible amount of time. He originally thought the record was at 100 hours, but as he got close, was informed that the record actually stood at 113 hours. Luckily he was well prepared and played past it, full speed ahead by improvising songs and solos for 14 more hours, smashing the old record and sealing the victory.

Browne said of the record, “I am absolutely ecstatic! It feels surreal. I have to say I am incredibly lucky to have had such great support from friends, family and fellow musicians and visitors to the pub as they really kept me going.”

He decided to break records because of a disaffection with the music industry, he said, and a desire “to return to simply playing the guitar.”

If Cleartone Strings can be trusted by David Browne to break records, they can be trusted by you too!

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Dave Browne with partner Aisha Gilani after he set the world record for the longest continuous guitar-playing session



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