Fluff’s #riffsandbeards2 Riff Contest Causes YouTube Chaos
08 Apr. 2015

Fluff’s #riffsandbeards2 Riff Contest Causes YouTube Chaos

Just last week, YouTube and Cleartone’s most coveted beards and riffs aficionado Fluff began hosting a contest to see who could come up with the best, most tasty riff of them all.  Fluff is no stranger to riffs as the name of his YouTube channel would suggest, and I’m sure he expected to see some great ones, but one thing he may not have accounted for was the sheer amount of responses his contest would generate. Let’s just say he’s got a lot to comb through.

Within the first 7 days, over 10,000 entries and 55 1/2 hours of footage was submitted via SoundCloud and YouTube! Due to this,  his recent announcement comes as no surprise as he’s decided to shorten the cutoff date to Friday, April 10.

Fear not, shredders of YouTube, there’s still time to submit your riff and win some cool stuff! If you think you have what it takes to impress the bearded one, watch the video below to find out how to submit your entry. There are only a few rules and best of all, even the beardless are welcome to give it a go.

Winners will receive an assortment of prizes, including the grand prize…

a Panama Inferno 100 watt tube amp!

Other winners will also receive MXR pedals, Dunlop picks






Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B Pedal with Wall of Sound III cabinet simulation software

Panama Guitars 1×12 Cabinet Speaker

and… a 2 year supply of Cleartone Strings!

As an entrant, you’re given a 20 second MIDI track to record your guitar over. With so many entries to date, one must be thinking, “What can I possibly even think of doing to stand out!?” Some went to great, and some not-so-great lengths to make themselves heard among the massive pool of people. What have we seen thus far?

Some wore costumes like Jack Sparrow with some high seas riffage

This one got major beard points from the man himself

Some chose to do interesting covers…

Others submitted videos from afar, like this one from the rooftops of Indonesia!

Even Cleartone’s own Jared Dines got in on the action with his own entry

YouTube solo master Jared Dines himself just last month finished up with his own Cleartone sponsored solo contest

Here is the winning entry:

Also some awesomely honorable mentions…

…and of course, here’s the full video of the panda shredding the bamboo

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