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80/20 BRONZE

Cleartone Strings revolutionized the coated string market when they developed their industry leading E.M.P. Treatment for acoustic and electric guitar strings. Continually pushing boundaries, Cleartone recently debuted their “Cleartone EQs”, the worlds first line of Hybrid Metal Acoustic strings designed to optimize your guitar's natural frequency response by combining all the benefits of pure copper, phosphor bronze, and 80/20 into a single set for the very first time.

EQ's by Cleartone Strings are the first Acoustic Guitar Strings that blend a variety of metals into a single set to highlight your guitars frequency response. Designed to mimic a “perfect EQ setting”.

Cleartone Eqs take the guesswork out of 80/20 v phosphor bronze for your acoustic guitar. Each string (E-G) utilizes a different alloy to enhance that string's natural frequencies. We used a 99% copper-bronze for the Low E to increase bass response due to its extended low end characteristics. Phosphor Bronze is used on the A & D string to accentuate the mid range while maintaining a mellow, well balanced tone. We selected 80/20 for the G string because of its bright characteristics and ability to accentuate the treble notes.

Put together, EQ's by Cleartone Strings produce an exquisitely balanced tone that mimics a “perfect EQ setting” by combining all the best characteristics of Phosphor bronze, 80/20, and Copper-bronze into a single set. A world FIRST! Try a set today!

  • The World's first set with HMA (Hybrid Metal Acoustic) technology.
  • Designed to mimic a "perfect EQ setting"
  • Takes the guesswork out of Phosphor Bronze vs. 80/20!
  • *Limited time introductory price