Our Guitar Strings

Cleartone Strings much better choice than any other Guitar Strings

At Cleartone, we consider our customers as our partners. We consider that we have a great role to play in their success. Thus, we never compromise the quality of the guitar strings we manufacture. In order to live up to the expectations of our customers, we make it a point to manufacture these premium quality guitar strings exclusively in America under strict supervision. As a result, we assure you that Cleartone strings are better than the guitar strings like Elixir guitar strings.

Why Choose Cleartone Strings for Guitars

Years of practical experience have made us realize that the requirements of the professional world are varied. Hence, ever since the launch we have aimed to cater to the needs of different clients and become their favorite guitar string brand. Therefore, we have diversified the variety of our guitar strings to suit the specific requirement of each of our customers. Our product portfolio thus includes items like phosphor bronze acoustic strings. These top quality guitar strings have a treatment that is only one micron thin and are made from premium phosphor bronze that won’t flake. Cleartone guitar strings give you pure tone and long life whether you’re using phosphor-brinze, 80/20 bronze or nickel plated strings.

Quality Treatment of Cleartone Strings

Our patented Cleartone treatment on each variety of guitar strings we manufacture enhances the volume of these guitar strings much more than their untreated or coated counterparts. The treatment also increases the string life approximately three to five times more than uncoated guitar strings. Thus, we enjoy a consistent competitive edge over our competitors and can guarantee that our customers will never compromise the quality of their tone.

We stand out from our competitors, Cleartone always a Better Choice than Elixir

We take pride in stating that in spite of facing steep competition from the industry, our quality policy, wide assortment of guitar strings and customer centric approach are the factors that have made Cleartone one of the premium brands of guitar strings.