Del Casher’s thoughts on Cleartone Strings
10 Jul. 2013

Del Casher’s thoughts on Cleartone Strings

Del Casher talks about his experience with Cleartone Strings.  If you don’t know who Del Casher is – and I admit I didn’t know either until a few weeks ago – he is the man we have to thank for the idea of using the wah wah pedal on electric guitars.  The wah wah was originally invented for use with a trumpet but Del had the idea to put the effect into a pedal for use with your foot.  He has a very extensive list of celebrities including Elvis Presley, Sonny and Cher and Frank Zappa‘s Mothers of Invention.

Here’s an excerpt from his Wiki page…

Del Casher (originally Delton Kacher. Born 1938 in Hammond, Indiana) is an American guitarist and inventor. His many creations include the Wah-wah pedal,[1] which significantly influenced the development of rock and roll guitar style. He also devised the Ecco-Fonic, and later the solid state Fender Electronic Echo Chamber. He was the first to introduce the Roland Guitar Synthesizer for the Roland Corporation.

Read more about Del Casher here.

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