Coming Soon to a TV Near You: Cleartone Strings
10 Oct. 2014

Coming Soon to a TV Near You: Cleartone Strings

NFL. Google. NBC. HBO. All instantly recognizable names and all prominently displayed in the world of television in one form or another. When one thinks of product placement, they think visual placement in the form of, let’s say, movie stars drinking a certain brand of soda, wearing t-shirts with a conspicuous logo or driving a hardly-capable subcompact car through nearly physically impossible scenarios. These are great because the company does not actually have to say anything about their product. Its simply substituted into their film, show, advertisement etc. to show the audience that this brand is represented in everyday situations. The message is clear: “It’s not unusual, and you should try it too.” On a different level, think about the songs you hear on television and in movies. Many hear certain songs and are compelled to look them up. The wildly successful iPhone app Shazam is perfect testament to this.

With this, where does Cleartone Strings come into play? Check this out: Google created the below commercial for their Chromebook and it’s now being shown in 11 different countries:

Did you hear the guitar? It’s the most prominent thing you hear in the commercial, and guess what strings made those sounds? Cleartone Strings! Google and Cleartone Strings. Wow. Pretty Cool! Check out the YouTube comments as well. Nearly all of them are comments asking to find out what song that is!

Despite the NFL’s turbulent start, “America’s Sport” remains as popular as ever. Thursday Night Football airs a promo weekly featuring music produced by the sound of Cleartone Strings as well! See below:

Where else can we hear the sounds of Cleartone Strings in popular television spots? Well, NBC’s new show Bad Judge just recently premiered October 2, 2014, and even they use Cleartone Strings in their movie premier music which can be heard below:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, famously known for her role in Seinfeld as “Elaine,” stars as a cutthroat Vice President of a large corporation in their acclaimed HBO series Veep. The music for their season 3 trailer features the sounds of Cleartone Strings.

Where will Cleartone Strings show up next? We hope to see them on your guitar. Stay tuned


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