Cleartone VolumeBoost Technology will Knock Your Socks Off!
21 Jun. 2014

Cleartone VolumeBoost Technology will Knock Your Socks Off!

“Be an individual. Be unique. Stand out. Make Noise. Make someone notice.” This was taken from a quote from successful rock musician Jon Bon Jovi. If you’re out to “make it” as an artist, you may have noticed well-intentioned advice such as this floating around, and while it’s inspiring, it also leaves you wondering, “Where do I start?” It may start with your equipment believe it or not, and well known artists such as Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine and pop-punk stars New Politics have taken notice as they take advantage of the VolumeBoost technology offered by Cleartone Strings. Not only do Cleartones sound fresh for 3x-5x longer than uncoated brands, but another thing you may notice after playing your first set of Cleartones is that they’re LOUD! They’re set to help you stand out, make noise, and surely people will notice. Cleartone’s VolumeBoost technology is scientifically proven to be 36% louder than other string brands on the market. Cleartones are wound tighter than other strings and the treatment we put on there is only 1 micron thin, so it won’t dull your tone and you won’t even notice you’re in fact playing on a coated set of strings that will last you a very long time.

You may wonder, “36% louder? That sounds like an awful lot!” So to prove it, we sent our strings down to an independent acoustic testing facility in Santa Clarita, CA. Here, they conducted a series of sound measurements on several guitar strings in an anechoic chamber designed to completely absorb reflections of sound. This would ensure us the most accurate reading as we tested alongside strings from Elixir and an uncoated set just to be sure our control group as impartial as possible, and even we were surprised by the results.

Measured in decibals, the E string tested an astounding 75% louder than the Elixir string of the same gauge! The A string measured 27% louder than Elixir, D measured 29% louder and the G measured 13% louder. Even with our treatment on our strings, we still measured louder than the uncoated set as well. Cleartone Strings measured an astounding 25% louder on the D string test, 8% louder on the G, and variated 1%-2% differences with the G and the E strings.

To sum it all up, the Elixir strings were consistently less loud than either the Cleartone strings or the uncoated strings. The Cleartone strings and the uncoated strings were very close in loudness with the Cleartone strings being slightly louder a majority of the time. Don’t take it from me though; these results are backed by Western Electro-Acoustic Laboratory, proudly owned by the Paul Veneklasen Research Foundation. Having done a countless amount of acoustical research in the field of music, they have a very respectable and well-known board of directors with many acoustic research-related accolades.

We at Cleartone did all the hard work for you. We understand that artists trying to make it alongside so much talent need to do all they can to get themselves heard, and there is no better way to start than with Cleartone’s proven VolumeBoost technology on your guitar!

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