Cleartone Strings Gain Traction in Thailand
03 Sep. 2015

Cleartone Strings Gain Traction in Thailand

VRK Sports & Music is leading the way in making Cleartone Strings a household name in Thailand. In fact, they caught the attention of Thailand rock artist “Hack” from world renown Thailand rock band, SDF, who now endorses Cleartone Strings! Hack’s previous band, Clash, was among the biggest rock bands in Thailand. Also, many of his newer band SDF’s videos already have views in the range of 40-50 million, and they show no signs of slowing down.

We wish nothing but continued success for Hack and SDF, and we’re grateful for the continued growth of the Cleartone Strings brand in Thailand!

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Below is the commercial featuring Hack. Here is the English translation:

“Hi, My name is Hack from the band SDF. As a guitarist, we need to have musical instruments and gear that not only has good quality and high standards, but also fits oneself’s style and character. It’s really important for guitarists to have a good guitar, and good guitar strings to match. Guitar strings are an important component for any guitarist. For me, I choose Cleartone, because they last longer than typical guitar strings, have clear tone, and good steady rhythm sound. For those who are looking for a good guitar string, I would recommend Cleartone Strings.”

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