What Happens When You Put Cleartone Treatment on Other Stuff?
17 Apr. 2015

What Happens When You Put Cleartone Treatment on Other Stuff?

Cleartone treatment as you know is applied to guitar strings to make them last 3×5 times longer than other strings.  The #1 killer of guitar strings is sweat from your hands, and Cleartone treatment ensures that corrosive sweat just rolls right off the top of your strings instead, leaving them completely corrosion-free.  This completely revolutionized the guitar string, so that got us thinking…what crazy unworldly things might happen if we put Cleartone treatment on other stuff?

Watch what happened to this paper towel when we treated it with Cleartone treatment

Pretty dang impressive huh! Seems like it works on nearly everything! Check out what happened when we treated glass with it.

The water just completely avoids the edges. Imagine how much easier your guitar strings will be to clean when your sweat just avoids the strings! To see how our strings hold up to moisture, we left them in water over a month period. Next to it are untreated strings. All that corrosion, avoided!

Here’s the cool thing about treatment: You don’t notice it.  It’s literally 1 micron thin or 1/10th of a human hair. Typical coated strings come with drawbacks like a muffled tone, rubbery feel, flakes, and an assortment of other issues. Cleartone treatment doesn’t have any of that nonsense! Just pure tone and long life.

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In the video below, we put guitarists up to the test to see if they would notice the string treatment.

Once you go Cleartone, you never go back. Seriously! There is no better feeling as an avid guitarist than hearing that fresh twangy sound of a brand new set of strings on your guitar. They have that illustrious look, slick feel, and bright punchy tone that you just wish would last forever, but it just doesn’t. That’s where Cleartone treatment comes in. Cleartone treated strings keep this fresh sound, look and feel 3×5 times longer so you’ll finally get your money’s worth from a brand new set of strings! Give your guitar the treatment it deserves, and switch to Cleartone.

Also click here to check out the Cleartone YouTube Channel, full of demos, artist performances, lessons and all other assorted madness.

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