Are Cleartone 10-52 Light Top Heavy Bottom Strings for You?
24 Jul. 2015

Are Cleartone 10-52 Light Top Heavy Bottom Strings for You?

Extra power combined with flexible leads puts the power in your hands. Introducing Cleartone Treated 10-52 Light Top Heavy Bottom Strings. Designed for smooth flexible leads and heavy crushing riffs, all in one set. Perfect for those who like added thickness in the wound strings, but also want nice bendable light strings up top. You won’t have to choose between light or heavy strings anymore, as you can get the benefits of both with this one set!


10-52 Light Top Heavy Bottom Strings

These might be for you, if:

– You switch between E standard and drop D tunings

– Fast pick a lot on the wound strings

– Looking for more low-end punch in your sound

– Want easy-to-bend high strings and stiffer low strings combined into one set

Many superstar guitar players prefer 10-52 LTHB strings, including the legendary frontman for Megadeth, Dave Mustaine. We offer a Dave Mustaine Signature set pictured below:

Heavy Series Dave Mustaine Signature 10-52 Strings


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Dave Mustaine practically invented the shred back when other bands were playing “glam” metal. His playing was on a completely different level than others as he was fast-picking individual notes during thrash metal solos with brute force, while others relied heavily on hammer-ons and pull-offs. This today is known as “shredding.” His solos were known to sound furious while others focused on sounding pretty.

Currently, Megadeth is co-headlining a tour with Lamb of God. LOG’s drummer Chris Adler yesterday stated, “His first show with Megadeth was incredible!” Adler plays drums for Lamb of God, but is also doubling efforts as Megadeth’s hired gun on this tour, as Megadeth is in the middle of replacing some band members. Dave said of new guitarist Kiko Loureiro, “It was the first time since Marty Friedman joined the band that I was really intimidated as a player.” Of course, Dave Mustaine is no stranger to lineup changes, so he’s happy to tour throughout the transition.

When you play as hard as Dave Mustaine, you need strings that are going to last you a LONG time. This is why All 6 strings feature Cleartone’s famous patented treatment, proven to make your strings last up to 5 times longer, without sacrificing the feel or tone in any way! Unlike coated strings, the Cleartone treatment will never flake off, no matter how hard you strum.

Give your guitar the treatment it deserves and try Cleartone Treated Light Top Heavy Bottom 10-52 Strings today!

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