Cleartone Bass Strings Last up to 5x Longer
13 Jul. 2015

Cleartone Bass Strings Last up to 5x Longer

Add some low-end, with high-end treatment. Cleartone winds bass strings, and treats them to last up to a whopping 5 times longer than your average set. Offered in light, medium and heavy gauges with 4 & 5 string options.  Many keep their bass strings on for longer than most acoustic & electric guitars due to the higher cost to change them, so why not choose strings that last, and I mean SERIOUSLY last a long time.

Today, 2 options exist for extended life strings: coated, and treated. While coated strings last longer, the coating inhibits the natural vibration of the string so they tend to sound pretty dull right out of the package. Also, the coating flakes off after a while. See below:

Coating flaking off a set of bass strings

Cleartone’s treatment on the other hand is 30 times thinner than the leading brand’s coating, and we guarantee no matter how hard you play on them, they will never flake one bit. When you string up a fresh set of traditional bass strings, you get that bright poppy tone that you just wish would just last forever. Well, that may be impossible, but we did the next best thing at Cleartone. The Cleartone treatment, when applied to bass strings, keeps that exact tone you’re looking for up to 5 times longer, without all of those nasty coated side effects. You’ll still get all of that bright tone, and traditional feel you’re used to. It’ll just last WAY longer.

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So what gauges are they made in? Well, Cleartone has a set for everyone.


Light 40-100: .040, .060, .080, .100


Medium 45-105: .045, .065, .085, .105

6445_Cover (3)

Heavy 50-110: .050, .070, .090, .110


Lastly, we’ve added a 5th string at .130 that comfortably pairs with all of our sets

64-130_Cover (2)

Many famous bassists trust Cleartone on tour. Here are a few:

Dink Cook of Toby Keith

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy

Ashish Vyas of Thievery Corporation

Andy the Kid from Static X (formerly) and We Are The Riot (Pou Piam on 6 string using Cleartone 11-56 strings too!)

And many more…

If you’re looking for a long lasting set of bass strings with outstanding punch and sustain, try a set of Cleartone Bass Strings! Also be sure to follow Cleartone Strings on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the latest from us.

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