Cleartone Artist Summer Tours and More! July 2015
17 Jul. 2015

Cleartone Artist Summer Tours and More! July 2015

Patrick Stump in Fall Out Boy from the 2015 Boys of Zummer Tour

Summer just hit midway! July is here, and Summer festivals are already in full swing. Naturally, every band during this time has a lot going on. Our Cleartone Artists are no exception. Here’s the report:

Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa’s Boys of Zummer Tour is under way, with their most recent performance being at the Hollywood Casino Ampitheatre. There has been a lot of talk that Fall Out Boy, with their recent huge album success, is experiencing “the second coming” of massive mainstream popularity, since Out from Under the Cork Tree was released.

New Politics recently headlined Wisconson’s Summerfest 2015, “The World’s Largest Music Festival.” Its been reported they absolutely lit up the crowd when they covered Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” during the festival. Their new album Vikings is set to be released August 14. You can pre-order it now at

A teaser was just released for Atreyu’s new music video yesterday for “Long Live!” Check it out below


It was just announced that Megadeth and Lamb of God will co-headline a UK tour. Oddly enough, the drummer of Lamb of God Chris Adler recorded drums for Megadeth’s new album recently, and agreed to play sets for both bands throughout the tour.

It has been announced A Flock of Seagulls will be performing July 30 at Velvet Sessions, the monthly lobby concert/cocktail party at Universal Orlando’s Hard Rock Hotel.

Bon Jovi and Chris Christie sharing a laugh

Cynic recently announced a tour throughout Japan & Europe in support of their album, Kindly Bent to Free Us.

Bon Jovi has been politically involved one way and another recently as he recently gave permission to Chris Christie to use his songs in his presidential campaign. Also, Bon Jovi is caught up in a boycott from Palestine. Their show, scheduled to occur October 10th in Tel Aviv has been actively protested against in Palestine due to political and social unrest. The petition has since garnered around 2,000 signatures. Also, Bon Jovi is set to release a new album, titled Burning Bridges on August 21st! This will be the first album released since Phil X joined the band as their new guitarist.

SayWeCanFly has been performing all dates on Warped Tour and teaching a workshop on how to break into the Music Industry using the power of social media.

Stone Sour Singer Corey Taylor has been in the news a lot lately after blasting Kanye West in a recent trending YouTube video. Also, Stone Sour’s EP Meanwhile in Burbank was just released last month, and they’re already thinking about songs for their new EPs. They recently released details on which covers they plan on releasing, including but not limited to Van Halen’s “Unchained.”

Tommy Emmanuel, Australian guitar legend, was featured in an article talking about how his debut at Glastonbury was at age 60. Pretty impressive! He’s currently on tour in Italy, but will be in the United States, New Zealand and many other parts of Europe in the coming months. Find tickets and tour dates here.

Check out Torche on their US tour!

Torche is touring in support of their latest album RestarterNamed fittingly, as they are moving away from metal, and more toward catchy melodies. They’re currently touring with Japanese noise rock band Melt-Banana throughout the United States. Get your tickets here!

Keep your eye out for more. August should be an exciting month with lots more in store. We’ll keep you posted. To stay up on the latest from us, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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