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04 Apr. 2012

Phil-X :: Tips and Tricks – Episode 1 :: Why one pickup?

In this episode Phil X explains why he takes out the neck-pickup on his guitars and the science behind it. We’re calling this "Episode 1" with the hopes to get Phil X back in the studio real soon to shoot more Tips and Tricks. Please subscribe and share! Cleartone Category: EntertainmentUploaded by: cleartonestringsHosted: youtube

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13 Mar. 2012

Guitar String Corrosion Test – Time Lapse Photography

We wanted to see how our strings would tarnish or corrode in comparison to un-coated guitar strings. So we took a set of Cleartone strings and a set of un-coated Everly strings and submerged them both in water while taking a still photo every 60 seconds with a GoPro camera. After a couple days in […]

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13 Feb. 2012

The Cleartone Glass Example :: Hydrophobic Treatment Shown Visually

In this example we treated the glass plate with Cleartone coating around all the edges and we left the center (square) untreated. The result is a square puddle of water on the glass because the Cleartone treatment won’t let the water pass the untreated area. We have a lot of people that think our videos […]

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10 Feb. 2012

The Cleartone Paper Towel Test

In this simple demonstration we show you how the Cleartone treatment repels water and moisture – in turn resisting corrosion – to protect your guitar strings. Please, LIKE – COMMENT – SHARE! Category: EntertainmentUploaded by: cleartonestringsHosted: youtube

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