Barry Gibb and Jimmy Fallon Harmonize to the Everly Brothers
29 Jan. 2014

Barry Gibb and Jimmy Fallon Harmonize to the Everly Brothers

The Bee Gee and the talk-show host sang three classics on ‘Late Night’ last night


A month after Barry Gibb and his falsetto made a surprise appearance on the Saturday Night Live that Jimmy Fallon was hosting, the Bee Gee stopped by Late Night last night to sing songs by another set of musical siblings, the Everly Brothers. Although neither he nor the talk-show host made reference to the recently deceased Phil Everly, the duo harmonized on three Everlys classics: “Bye Bye Love,” “Wake Up Little Susie” and “All I Have to Do Is Dream.”

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Fallon said the reason he wanted to do the songs with Gibb was because they had been talking backstage and singing songs when it came up that one of the Bee Gees didn’t like impromptu singing. “Robin was the one who didn’t like the social sing-songs,” Gibb said. So Fallon seized the opportunity and produced a guitar from behind the guest’s couch. “Can we do a couple of Everly Brothers [songs]?” he asked. He also added the caveat, “Again, I’m a comedian – barely.” But he didn’t need to apologize since he harmonized each song well and even got Gibb to fall back and laugh at one point.

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