10 Reasons to Switch to Cleartone Strings
10 Aug. 2015

10 Reasons to Switch to Cleartone Strings

Cleartone Strings aren’t for everyone. Though, for those who like a premium set of strings that lasts up to 5 times longer than regular strings, you may want to keep reading. Traditionally speaking, it’s a fact that strings go dead pretty quick. Even if you’re not playing them, the salt in the air can kill them. Sweat and gunk on your hands? Forget it. We believe strings were meant to last, much longer, so we set out to develop a string that lasts an incredibly long time, without dulling your tone in any way. Our solution? Treatment! Cleartone Strings solves this problem by treating the strings with a 1 micron thin coating to dramatically increase string life without killing tone. Along with this comes so many more benefits, and quite an interesting history. Here are 10 reasons and interesting facts on why Cleartone Strings will change your perception on strings.

1. Founded by famous Rock & Roll Legend, Phil Everly. The Everly Brothers were one of the first inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and influenced The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Neil Young and just about everyone else. You can say he definitely had a large part in founding Rock & Roll. If anyone knows Rock & Roll tone, it’s him. Safe to say these strings rock!


Phil & Don Everly

2. They’re Cleartone-Treated. When you apply a 1 micron thin treatment like Cleartone, your strings last an incredibly long time and don’t suffer from the dull sound that tone-killing, rubbery feeling coating gives you. Up to 5 times longer string life, with no compromises in tone or feel.

3. Strings. Don’t. Flake. Cleartone strings are treated but they’ll never flake like coated strings do over time. After all, who likes flakes?


4. Proven to boost your guitar’s volume by an amazing 36%! Wait what?! Yep. Cleartone Strings are independently tested to measure around 36% louder than coated strings, and up to 10% louder than uncoated strings, as a by-product of our treatment process, and because of the way we wind them. We use our trademark Super High Tension Winding Technique on every set. In fact, we actually built our own string winding machines to do this. With over 25 years experience using latest technology, they’re calibrated to run at incredibly high tension settings in order to maximize the energy transfer throughout the entire length of each and every string we make. This ensures you’re getting the most tone & volume out of every strum.

5. Long enough to fit on any guitar. Yes, baritone guitars especially. They’re wound at 44.5″ long. Gibsons are around 24.75,” Fenders at 25.5″ baritone electrics 28,” Washburn baritone acoustics even go to 29,” but you can bet we have them covered.

6. Trusted by the worlds most popular guitar manufacturers. Eastman, Warwick, Godin and tons of others. Check out, for example, Godin Guitars (Guitabec). The largest guitar manufacturer in all of North America! What strings do they use? Cleartone! They make some of the finest guitars known to mankind, and run one of the best operations in the world, and chose to partner with us by using our phosphor bronze 12-53 light strings, because excellent guitars like theirs, deserve excellent strings like ours. They also make Seagull, Simon & Patrick, Art & Lutherie and many others.


7. Customer service is top notch. There is not a problem we cannot handle. If ever a challenge arises, email tone@cleartonestrings.com and it will be handled, swiftly and professionally. Easy.

8. We have a heavy series! WOW. 14-80. What am I supposed to do with these? They’re pretty much so thick, they might not even work on your guitar without drilling out your tuning peg first, so we put a warning label on them saying that, and people still buy them. Anyways, we do make strings that are less heavy, but the point is that it’s hard to find heavy enough strings to play comfortably in, let’s say drop A or other insanely low tunings. Cleartone Heavy Series has you covered from from E standard all the way to drop Q or whatever floats your boat. See Fluff riff up the place below:

9. Colored Ball ends are awesome. Nuff said. Also, corrosion-resistant packaging. Paper or plastic? We use heat-sealed, plastic bags so every set you get is factory fresh.


10. Tons of world famous artists use them! We endorse and partner with Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, Phil X of Bon Jovi, Dink Cook of Toby Keith, Tommy Emmanuel, Atreyu, Fall Out Boy, New Politics, Stone Sour, Thievery Corporation, and a boatload of other world-class, incredible artists & musicians.

So, Cleartone Strings may not be for everyone, especially if you love changing strings. For others, I recommend you give them a shot! Your guitar will thank you.

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